We are now inviting applications for Residency in a Shed 2021
an artists’ residency in a shed on an allotment in Cornwall.


2021 marks the second year of residencies at Residency in a Shed. Residency in a Shed is a self-directed, flexible artist residency in a shed at The Allotment Club (a project space /allotment just outside of Penryn, Cornwall). It is open to any artist at any stage in their career and artists are invited to respond to the space and community of the working allotments.

The shed is converted into a small relaxed studio space with a desk and a futon. There is a small exhibition vitreen where artists can test ideas out. The shed and vitreen sits within a 90ft allotment space consisting of meadow and grass with 4 beds growing cornish oats (Avena nuda), mauka (Mirabilis expansa), raspberries, mint, wild flowers dahlias. There is a small pond and a seating area with a fire pit, a low key toilet facility, cooking/tea equipment and on site parking. The residency site is part of Burnt House Allotments; a community interest initiative managed alongside Cornish Bees Apiary, situated just outside of Penryn, Cornwall.

Artists are asked to respond to the site; taking inspiration from the materials, structures, people, sounds, smells, etc found in the allotment itself. Artist are also asked to hold one public facing event during their time (exhibition, workshop, performance  etc). Artists can work in any medium or size - all we ask is that the work is not disruptive to the day-to-day running of the allotments and is respectful to the other allotment owners.

We are in the process of developing a Residency in a Shed archive; to which residency artists are encouraged to donate an object or artwork, however big or small, permanent or impermanent.

Allotment vitreen

This year we will hold four residencies during the summer months of 2021. Artists are invited to apply individually or as a collective. Unfortunately there is no funding for the residency at this time so artists are asked only to apply if they can support themselves re transport, accommodation and time.

Residency dates are flexible and length and dates can be tailored to the artists needs. There will be one residency per month and please state in the application which month works best for you (May, June, July, August).

Please note; the allotments are best reached by car but you can walk there from Penryn on the roads and a footpath and it takes around 45 minutes. There is no running water, electricity or internet on site. The allotment is on uneven terrain, please state if you need alternative access (such as wheelchair) and we can accommodate where possible.


Please send:

1) A short statement outlining how you would intend to use your time at the shed.

2) A short video of up to 3 mins of a day or a part of your day in your life. (No video editing skills required). 

3) A link to your website and social media.

Please send to by the 31st March 2021

At RIAS our principal concern when considering applications is to select artists who are likely to benefit the residency. Once this requirement is met we regard other issues such as disability, ethnic origin, sex, marital status, number of children, beliefs relating to religion, politics and sexual orientation as irrelevant.

Covid 19: luckly the use of the allotments can still go ahead during covid times with a strict health and safety protocol. However, not during a lockdown. Residencies going ahead this year are subject to and within covid gov guidelines and all artists are asked to adhere to these.

Past residents

Sara Bowler
Finn Cameron 
Leila Galloway 
Rachael Jones 
Anna Hart
Lizzie Ridout 
Mathilda Oosthuizen
Hoagy Houghton 
Sean Kerr 

Sara Bowler’s residency - developing a soundscape for the allotment environment.

Finn Cameron’s residency: making impressionistic pollinators inspired by the insects themselves.

Leila Galloway’s residency: Thinking about deep space and formalism.

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